sterling silver omega 4 mm. jewelry chain necklace

omega 4 mm. necklace

  • $ 86.95

  • Classic Flat Omega Chain
  • The Narrowest of our 3 "Omegas" at 4 mm. Wide
  • Lays Flat Against the Neck
  • Essential Piece for Anyone Who Likes to Wear Medium to Larger Sized Pendants

This elegant and feminine, time tested chain has a luxurious feel as it flexes well and lays flat against the neck, especially in 16, 18, or 20 inch lengths. It can be considered a similar look to a "chocker" or neck wire but many people find it more comfortable since it conforms to the neck. 

This is the perfect chain to go with medium or larger sized pendants.  The chain is only semi flexible, so it works well with heavier pendants. The 8 mm. wide omega is the perfect choice for large, statement pendants that don't look good with thin, lightweight chains.

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