sterling bead ball jewelry chain 4 mm. fine detail

beads 4 mm. necklace

  • $ 78.95

  • Also Called “Ball Chain”
  • Substantial 4 mm. Thick Chain
  • Flexible and Highly Kink and Crush Resistant - Not Easy to Damage, Will Last Many Years
  • Great for Large Pendants
  • A Versatile Necklace On Its Own Without a Pendant

Our 4 mm. bead chain is a substantial variation on the classic design. People often choose this chain when they like the simplicity of our handmade bead necklaces, but want a bead size smaller than our smallest (6 mm.). Just like our handmade bead necklaces, these chains can be worn without any pendants. This chain also is also a great compliment to larger, heavier pendants. This chain is solidly built and has the luxurious, weighty feel you expect from a quality chain that will give you years of use.

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