sterling silver box jewelry chain 2 mm. fine detail

box chain light necklace

  • $ 19.95

  • Versatile Chain Recommended for Small Sized Pendants
  • At 1.0 mm., This is The Thinner of Our Two Box Chains
  • Boxes Are Very Fine and this Chain Appears as a Fine Line on the Neck
  • Will Not Overpower or Distract From a Small Pendant

This simple fine box chain is great choice for just about any small sized pendant. The chain is one of the finest we carry. It is one of the best choices for people who want a small, unassuming chain that will hold a pendant without distracting from it at all. Only the “curb chain light” necklace has a thinner look. That one actually measures wider, but it is much flatter and overall appears slightly fine. These fine chains are more delectate than any bulkier chain, but not so fragile that they will break with normal use.

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