Anklets (7 items)

Baltic Amber

Baltic Amber (107 items)


Bracelets (56 items)

chain necklaces

chain necklaces (19 items)

Click Top Hoops

Click Top Hoops (10 items)

endless hoop earrings

endless hoop earrings (5 items)

Gifts Under $ 100.00

Gifts Under $ 100.00 (148 items)

Gifts under $50.00

Gifts under $50.00 (357 items)

Heart Collection

Heart Collection (45 items)

In-Line Necklace Collection

In-Line Necklace Collection (25 items)


Marcasite (156 items)

Marcasite Bracelets

Marcasite Bracelets (9 items)

Marcasite Earrings

Marcasite Earrings (63 items)

Marcasite Necklaces

Marcasite Necklaces (8 items)

Marcasite Rings

Marcasite Rings (29 items)

Silver chains

Silver chains (28 items)

Silver stud earrings hemisphere with post

Silver stud earrings hemisphere with post (8 items)

sphere with hook

sphere with hook (8 items)

sphere with post

sphere with post (5 items)

sterling silver beads

sterling silver beads (10 items)